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LockAccess fantastic Internet site password safety user authentication script: person obtain Regulate and htaccess password defense

LockAccess is knowledgeable http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=토토사이트 management Instrument for Web-site password security, person authentication and person accessibility Regulate to Website directories. Making use of .htaccess password protection, this computer software grants you Among the most secure and easiest approaches to protect your directories and limit entry to them.

LockAccess provides intuitive Internet-primarily based interface and self-setting up procedure that doesnt have 토토 to have any programming capabilities, authentication or PHP know-how. Many of the steps are Obviously visible, and the results of those steps might be shown instantaneously with your display.


With LockAccess you may generate unrestricted password guarded directories with endless usernames and passwords. To set password protection, just click on catalogue tree impression elements and safeguard the right directory, sign-up new consumers and edit their personalized details, very easily grant usage of protected areas, determine consumer expiration date, send out mail lists, personalize email and language templates, plus much more… at http://password-managers.net