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The HTC XV6800, also called the HTC Mogul is usually a smartphone developed with the company current market in mind. It is available from a range of carriers, including Verizon, Qwest, Sprint, U.S. Mobile, and Alltel. The phones design and style is similar to a variety of other HTC products, in that it incorporates a significant contact screen with only a few precise tactile buttons for navigation. The smartphone capabilities with the HTC XV6800 are accessed by using the Home windows Cellular 6 Functioning Method.

What community does the HTC XV6800 use?

The HTC XV6800 can be a dual band CDMA cellphone. Because of the CDMA 토토사이트 network, it might only be Employed in The usa and a few other places on this planet, not like GSM phones which may be utilized Practically anywhere on the planet. On the other hand, despite the insufficient roaming abilities, the HTC XV6800 does allow for prime pace 3G knowledge accessibility speeds about the EV-DO rev. 0, rev. one, and rev. A substantial speed facts networks.

How significant would be the HTC XV6800?


The HTC XV6800 actions in at somewhere around 4 and 50 percent inches (4.3) by two and also a fifty percent inches (two.3) by one particular inch (0.7). It also weighs 165 grams, which makes it a large and relatively major gadget.

What kind of battery existence does the HTC XV6800 make it possible for for?

On a complete demand by using a brand-new battery, expect for getting somewhere around a few and a third several hours of converse time. Alternatively, the HTC XV6800 also permits 228 hours of standby time on a complete cost. After a while, even so, assume these figures to decrease.

What media functions are bundled with the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 comes stock with a really big 240 by 320 pixel Exhibit that is capable of exhibiting 65k hues. It's two.8 inches in size and absolutely contact capable with using a stylus. There exists also an bundled built-in electronic digital camera that enables for 2 megapixels of resolution and can also file online video. The camera provides a in-built flash and 8x digital zoom.

A range of audio and movie formats are supported because of the HTC XV6800, such as MP3 and WMA. Tunes and films is often loaded instantly http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection&region=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/토토사이트 to the phones built in memory or be accessed by using a MicroSD card.

What other attributes are A part of the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 is a completely loaded smartphone with a great deal of ahead imagining functions. You will find a entire QWERTY keyboard for text messages and e-mail. The HTC XV6800 can also be loaded with facts obtain choices, such as inbuilt WiFi assistance and Bluetooth two.0 guidance. Other attributes include: a significant cell phone e-book, an alarm, calendar, voice dialing, speakerphone, calculator, notes, a considerable assortment of email support, and GPS assist. With all the bundled connectivity characteristics, it is a snap to determine the HTC XV6800 is essentially a small driven Personal computer inside a telephones kind element.